January 13, 2022

God’s Gorgeous Light

One of short falls in life is waiting for things to be perfect; the perfect time, the perfect setting, the perfect opportunity. Photography has taught me (and continues to teach me) that you don’t have to wait for the perfect time, the perfect location. You have seize the moment, take the opportunity, find the light, and capture life as it happens.

I was shown this lesson again last week. I drive past a small field everyday, never paying it much attention, until one day I didn’t just look at it, I saw it; the beautiful golden tones, the grass blowing in the breeze, and then the sunset…I was in love. From that day on, I was obsessed with the idea of creating photos in this field, waiting for the perfect opportunity,  waiting for the weather to cooperate, waiting to find the perfect outfit. Then it happened, a beautiful, warm, SUNNY day! I grabbed Ella, bribed her with a treat, grad a dress we had in the closet and off we went! The images that were appearing on the back of my camera were exactly what I had envisioned and I was so thankful, and so pleased with the images I had captured of my beautiful daughter.

So…where does the lesson come in? The very next day I drove by this little field and it was gone,  mowed down, nothing left. If I had waiting one more day to find the perfect outfit, wait for the weather to warm up a bit more, or any other of the 1000 excuses I could have come up with, I would have missed God’s Gorgeous Light.


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